Westbrick Energy Ltd. is...

a private energy company focused on the exploration and development of oil and liquids-rich natural gas within the Greater Pembina area of the world-class Western Canada Deep Basin. Westbrick has built a production base of approximately 60,000 boe/d from 300+ horizontal wells. This was done through prudent expenditure of $290MM of equity raised since the company's inception and the careful use of our banking facilities.


Our culture drives our business

Westbrick Energy Ltd.'s Founding Principles

Westbrick invests shareholder capital in Canadian upstream energy. Our founding principles focus on maintaining top-decile rates of capital return in an efficient and ethical manner at every stage of the company’s growth.

Westbrick’s priority principles include:

  1. Holding a large and contiguous land base where the resources have potential for prolific results
  2. Exhibiting sustainable per share growth in production, cash flow and asset value
  3. Maintaining strong capital efficiencies
  4. Being competitive with leading industry performers and ensuring Westbrick’s position in the top quartile of that group
  5. Being a knowledgeable, skilled, tough – and respected – industry competitor
  6. Providing a rewarding and positive workplace where everyone is part of the team
  7. Setting the highest of industry standards for the team’s competence, initiative, creativity, and work effort
  8. Conducting business with fairness, ethics and concern for the safety and well-being of employees, contractors, and the public
  9. Ensuring and exceeding environmental compliance

Highly efficient operation that converts reserves into cash flow

Westbrick Energy: a profitable business

  • Private energy company founded in 2011 with $290 million of equity capital raised to date (2023 YE Estimated Net Debt of $17.9 million)
    • 77% owned by KKR, 23% owned by management and insiders(1)
    • 47.4 MM shares outstanding, 4.9 MM options at $11.18/sh average strike price
  • Concentrated, expansive position within the Alberta Deep Basin
    • Deep drilling inventory capable of sustaining production for > 30 years at 75,000 BOEPD
    • GLJ Reserves as at Dec 31, 2023: PDP 90 MMBOE, P+P 345 MMBOE's
  • Generated returns while preserving balance sheet through the commodity down cycle
  • Focused on generating sustainable, long-term returns for shareholders
    • Top-tier capital efficiency and low-cost structure underpins the Westbrick mindset
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Westbrick Energy Ltd.

Westbrick was founded in 2011 with the objective of applying a resource development approach to a conventional asset base. The Company employs a small, highly-skilled team of over 90 full and part-time head office staff and contract field operators. Westbrick manages a production base of approximately 60,000 boe/d supported by a resource footprint exceeding 2,400 net sections of land. Since inception, strong Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles have been a key part of how Westbrick makes decisions and operates.

Minimizing Environmental Impact

Westbrick is an early adopter of innovative technologies and operating practices designed to lower emissions, minimize surface disturbances and reduce fresh water use. Beginning in 2019, Westbrick initiated testing new wells down flow lines rather than flare gas produced during post frac well clean-up and testing operations. Today these conservation efforts capture approximately 75% of the gas that would previously have been flared.

Westbrick uses multi-well pads which greatly reduce surface disturbances — roads, pipelines, facilities and traffic. Westbrick can often re-use existing surface locations due to abundant legacy infrastructure existing within an operating area. Our focus on multi-well pad drilling also allows for the centralization of water handling and eliminating the need for trucking fluids long distances.

WESTBRICK Environment

Members of the Community

Westbrick is a proud and active member of the communities in which we operate. We endeavour to make a positive impact within all areas of engagement. Westbrick is pleased to make these positive contributions in several ways: as a significant local employer, an enthusiastic supporter of locally-owned service providers, and through our numerous contributions toward charitable initiatives.

We focus on supporting organizations identified by our team, supporting and improving the communities in which they operate.


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